Your Spotify username is used to help identify you. That is why you cannot change your username on other social platforms. Spotify won’t allow you to alter it especially if you already have an account. But there are other options that you can do such as the following: 

Connect Account with Facebook

During the sign-up process, Spotify gives you the option of using your email address or your FB account. If you choose to register using the latter, Spotify will display your Facebook name. That is why you need to link your FB account with Spotify. You can do this in 2 ways: desktop or smart phones.

For your desktop, you can go to your Spotify app and then through the Settings. Go through the Social section where you’ll be able to find Facebook. You should then click the “Connect to Facebook” button. You will be redirected to a log-in page where you can fill in your information. The two accounts will then merge together and change the username. For phones and tablets, it is mostly similar. You just need to go through the “Your Library” tab and then tap the settings. You’ll also find Facebook under Social. Link the accounts and your set to go.

Create a New Spotify Account

The first thing that you have to do is to permanently close your current account and then make a new one. Cancel your subscription which will then revert your account back to “Free”. You can then make a request to close it. You are then free to make a new account. Sign up and create any username you would like. A reminder also is to make sure that you have saved your favorite playlists beforehand. Otherwise, you might regret it. Remember if your looking to get some Spotify promotions to buy increasing the number of plays on your songs then check out this link below.

Add or Change Display Name

Despite not being able to change your username, you have the choice to make a custom display name that can replace your username. It will show in your profile, app, Friend Activity and playlists. According to Spotify, for mobile phones and tablets, you can do these by going to Home and then tapping Settings. After that go to View profile and tap EDIT PROFILE. You can then add or change your display name to whatever that you like. Also, your display name  cannot be used for logging in. You’ll still need your email address and username.

Changing Your Spotify Username: 3 Methods You Can Use